On October 28, 1998 President Clinton signed into law the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Pub.L. 105-304 [“DMCA”]. The DMCA makes clear what was understood by many: that the U.S. Copyright Act protects the words that you are reading on this Internet page in the same manner as if they were in a book or a
The recently signed Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act is significant for both copyright owners and users of protected works who are trying to clear rights, because it extends the present U.S. copyright term of life plus 50 years to one of life plus 70. When read in conjunction with the Uruguay Round Agreements Act,
By Elliott Alderman (Note: Although footnotes have been omitted from this version, the article is available in its entirety on WESTLAW.) I. Introduction On December 1, 1990, President Bush signed into law the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, which was generally effective on June 1, 1991, and extends to visual artists the federal moral
By Elliott Alderman At the moment of creation and fixation of its work, a domestic copyright owner has exclusive worldwide rights to its creation through Section 104 of the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 104, and a network of multilateral treaties. One of these exclusive rights is that of distribution, and as the owner